Rococo furniture, also described as Louis Quinze, Louis or Louis XV furniture, after the King of France who influenced it, originally began with this king in France, but is considered to be developed by two words – Rocaille, which is French for shell and the Italian word of Barocco, which stands for Baroque. This can give you some idea of the theme of the furniture, and is considered to be somewhat familiar to another style of furniture, known as Baroque furniture. Reproduction Rococo Furniture Highly influenced by the French King, Louis XV, the styles of Rococo furniture are, as mentioned, very similar to that of Baroque furniture featuring strong appearances and symmetrical forms.

Luxury Rococo-Bed-Gold-White-Painted

However, the change in monarchy brought about a rather dramatic change of style and architecture and the Rococo furniture period began. The style changed to be somewhat lighter and less dramatic in appearance, and Rococo furniture had a more elegant and sophisticated aesthetic. As the style became more and more developed, it was considered to be somewhat frivolous and set a more playful and delicate form of furnishings. Unlike Baroque furniture, Rococo furniture seemed to centre more on asymmetrical designs rather than the symmetrical forms that King Louis XIV favoured, and by the early 1730′s this theme of furniture reached a rather high and well regarded peak in France. It was more influencing in architecture and painting rather than furniture and often was on a much smaller scale, but still influenced the items of furniture within homes. The larger and grander designs were out, and lighter and prettier things were in vogue.

Rococo in England was more developing in areas such as painting and the arts rather than furniture and architecture but with Thomas Chippendale, an English furniture designer, wonderful upholstered pieces of Rococo furniture were in fashion as were Rococo headboards, and these were considered much more elegant than previous designs. Even though Rococo furniture from France was a starting point for this so called Rococo England, the look was slightly less exuberant than that in France and its pieces less costly. However, it was only some 30 years after the peak of this style that it started to fall from vogue. There was a new style of furniture and architecture emerging, and there was no longer such a demand for the more intimate Rococo furniture pieces that were once so highly regarded fashion items. With any period in history the fashion and trends of clothing and furniture styles change, and this was considered to be a rather small part of the style history of the world. It was perhaps too influenced by the Baroque period, and therefore had already had its limelight. It was therefore time for a new style to take hold. However, Rococo furniture is now again very much in demand in today’s society and this high demand has bred a group of specialist suppliers. Now considered to be an investment, Rococo pieces of furniture are intricately beautiful and can form a breathtaking centerpiece for any home whether that be a Rococo chair or an extravagant Rococo