Teak furniture from Jepara city is the largest teak furniture products are consumed by the people of Indonesia. As the largest supplier of teak furniture in Indonesia, not suddenly or not without reason. A lot of the long history of Jepara Teak furniture products thus become the most desirable product teak furniture society, this is due to the good quality and competitive prices compared with similar furniture products from other cities with comparable quality.


To become the largest supplier of teak furniture in Indonesia, Jepara City community is working hard to produce the products that the public interest in terms of models, quality and price are able to be paid by the buyer. With much to learn from experience, Jepara gradually more competitive to compete with other city furniture products from Jepara furniture that make the products more popular by the Society.

Survey market is the key to win the market share Teak furniture market. Model carved furniture and minimalist new models ranging in production for more cakes include furniture sales nationwide. Of course the price issue became an important factor in determining the success of the sale of the lot in addition to good quality because Jepara people experience long sailed from strangers to meet the needs of overseas furniture market. To expand market share, then the sale is not just for home furniture, but venturing into furniture restaurant, cafe, restaurant, and hotel room furniture to increase the number of overall sales.


If you have not had time to come to the city of Jepara, I wanted to share a picture of how the condition of the town of Jepara. Jepara city can be regarded as a suburb of coast lines are not crossed, so that access by public transport to the town of Jepara not as busy as other cities on the north coast road. Natural conditions Jepara city covers an area of ​​mountains and also the coast so many beaches, but you hard to find nature mountains.

For places to stay, there are plenty of hotels, because Jepara city has long been visited by many foreign businessmen, so many hotel facilities, restaurant, and a relaxing place.