Home furniture from Indonesia is one option for those of you who are planning to fill your new home or replacing your old furniture with new furniture. Why choose furniture from Indonesia? It’s a fair question when you are given an information or advice.

There are some definite things you want out of furniture for your home, one of which is the design. If you want a particular design furniture and do not find in regular stores you are shopping, then the solution is you order in particular to furniture makers, and it is bias you do if ordered furniture to us.

The second is the budget you want to spend on furniture shopping, you will always try to expenditure in accordance with the capabilities and budgets. By ordering directly to us, obviously you do a big savings because we are a furniture maker and not a broker or stores that you must have gone through many distribution chain of goods.

Selection of raw materials according to taste. With custom design your furniture can also be ordered with the raw material as you get, the common choice is wood Mahogany and Teak, It depends on the design and finishing color you want, if possible, always choose to use teak wood, because of the quality teak wood has proved to have a remarkable resilience and certainly is one of the valuable timber species.

With some of the benefits you get, it is not wrong if you order home furniture from Indonesia, especially from us. Hopefully, the above description can enlighten you who want special and high quality furniture.