VIXI Design is an expert in developing and manufacturing custom hotel furniture, public area furniture and upholstery products. We are the ‘go to’ partner for many interior designers and main contractors – who choose us to take their beautiful custom designs and turn them into reality.

What is bespoke furniture?

is any piece of furniture that is unique. It might be a standard range product produced in a different size to fit an awkward space – or a completely new bedroom set designed to create a totally unique environment.

Why choose Us?

We are the ideal partner for developing and manufacturing bespoke hotel furniture. A large proportion of the projects we deliver are bespoke – and we enjoy the unique challenge they bring.

Our in-house product designers can offer invaluable advice on materials and finishes, whilst ensuring the design will be stylish and robust. They will work quickly to turn your concepts into workable designs for manufacture.

Once approved, our in-house manufacturing capability means we can be flexible in terms of materials and finishes. We can also fast-track projects to meet tight time scales.




Indonesia Furniture Teak wood writing desk