Victorian furniture antiques including an exclusive selection of tables, chairs and other furniture, which were processed and used back in the Victorian era (1837-1901). This era was known as one of the most prosperous eras in Britain, with major improvements in many areas such as industry and education. The number of houses of the middle class has increased, leading to a sharp increase in the architectural improvements such as houses and furniture.
Antique Victorian furniture was in earlier periods such as periods Tudor and Elizabeth, William and Mary and Queen Anne periods, Georgian and Regency period is based, but it is heavier in the design period furniture Victorian. Victorian antique furniture made from high quality material and was often finished as works of art with floral motifs, beautiful moldings and carved into consideration. The furniture used in Victorian times was were generally made of wood, were made partly with iron, and the rest with a mixture of both. Mahogany wood used principal, rosewood, satinwood and oak. Sofas and chairs are made of wood and various types of tissue, the latest in brocade, velvet and carpets with various designs and colors are made. Iron has been used primarily in the Victorian bedroom furniture for support. Victorian furniture was curved, shiny, and the tapestry was a major factor in the design. Shot scroll buttons, back, and was generally used simple parts with a small amount of its carved decoration.


Antiques Console Table – Victorian Furniture Style

Gold Baroque Table

Victorian furniture was built mainly by hand, but towards the end of the period, the machines were used regularly on the sculptural decoration. The famous designer wardrobe -. Holland and Sons, Gillows and other high quality materials to produce high quality furniture

Victorian antiques is the epitome of luxury and has been widely used to improve Victorian dressing. Finally furniture is made from the moment one of the best ever. Today, Victorian antiques, not only in the confines of a museum or to decorate an expensive hotel, but should be very good for a living room, office or bedroom of each home that is their way of TV stands. Victorian antique furniture is very popular and fashion, and adds class and elegance to any home.
There are so many different kinds of Victorian antiques Cabinets, bedroom sets, bookcases, beds, dressers, chest, like a sofa tables, dining tables round and kidney offices, some name Victorian furniture. Many kind of finishes color for Victorian furniture like as gold leaf or gilded, silver leaf, natural wood stain, painted, modern painted finishes and classic painted finishes.

Luxury French Console Table - Reproduction Furniture

Luxury French Console Table – Reproduction Furniture


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